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If you are aged 55 or over you can
take your pension benefits…

If you have a personal pension you can
normally take up to 25% as a tax free
lump sum to spend as you wish.

What could be
achieved with help from
a professional annuity broker…

* Source Which?
** Source Just Retirement

You are entitled to shop the “open market” yet only
44% of people take this option.

There is a significant difference between the income you can receive from the various pension providers, which may not be made obvious to you. As a professional annuities broker we have the knowledge and experience to shop the market for you to obtain the most suitable option.

We specialise
in obtaining
Enhanced Rates

Between 60 – 70% of
people qualify for
enhanced annuities.
Those who could may
increase their income
by more than 50%.

Smoking, Drinking & Weight are enhanced annuity 
factors. If you have
medical conditions such as
high blood pressure, high
cholesterol or conditions
such as heart disease,
diabetes, cancer or have
had a stroke you could qualify.

Pension Annuities Direct
Pension Annuities Direct

Our Promise

We aim to not be beaten on the annuity quotes that we provide, if you find a better quote let us know.

Pension Annuities Direct

Best Annuity Rates Available & Annuity Comparison

Pension Annuities Direct are dedicated to helping you fully understand your pension options. We are an annuity broker with offices in Bristol and Somerset offering professional, personal guidance free from pressure and free from any obligation to commit.

We can help you find the best annuity rates available and provide annuity rate comparison by obtaining current rates from all the leading UK suppliers.

If you would like an online annuity quote to find the best annuity rates for you, please find our quote form on the right of the page. If you can fill out the requested information our annuity specialists will get back to you as soon as possible with our pension quote.

We Only Use Highly Reputable Providers Including...


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It can be a lot easier to talk
through what you would
like, so please feel free to
call one of our specialist
team to discuss your
pension annuity.

Calls are recorded for
training and quality purposes.

Case Studies

  • Mr T earned 21% MORE Pension Income

    Mr T was 55 years old and had a pension pot of £200,000. He wanted a single life annuity with a guarantee on the policy but no escalation. He has some lifestyle conditions and health issues, he is a heavy

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  • Mr H earned 29% more pension income

    Mr H was 60 years old and had a pension pot of £30,000. He was a smoker and is taking medication for Cholesterol, although his readings were fine and he also suffered with vertigo. He wanted a single life annuity

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