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Should you delay taking your pension

You can take your personal pension benifits from age 55 but should you take them now or later?

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About Pension Annuities Direct

Pension Annuities Direct is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our mission is to make purchasing an annuity a simple process whilst providing a comprehensive package of pension annuity options.

We offer products from the “whole of the market” to ensure that you get the product that you want and achieve the best annuity rates available.

Our Experience

We have a wealth of experience gained by spending many years within the Financial Services arena and beyond. We have a diverse knowledge of all aspects of financial services, from working within banks to trading as Independent Financial Advisers. All this knowledge has enforced the belief that people should be entitled to help and support to obtain the most suitable solution for them from the whole of the market after all once the decision is made there is no going back.

Our Team is Led By…

Russ Myers
After spending many years in a retail background both in the UK and in Europe Russ moved into Financial Services. He is keen to ensure that the best of both industry sectors is provided by Pension Annuities Direct and that this is delivered through the customer experience we provide.

Paul Attiwell
Has spent many years in financial services working both with banks,building societies and as an Independant Financial Adviser. Paul strongly believes that all consumers should be granted easy access to the most competitive products available in the market place.


Company Details

  • Directly Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under number 597100
  • Registered with Company House under number 08349766

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Case Studies

  • Mr T earned 21% MORE Pension Income

    Mr T was 55 years old and had a pension pot of £200,000. He wanted a single life annuity with a guarantee on the policy but no escalation. He has some lifestyle conditions and health issues, he is a heavy

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  • Mr H earned 29% more pension income

    Mr H was 60 years old and had a pension pot of £30,000. He was a smoker and is taking medication for Cholesterol, although his readings were fine and he also suffered with vertigo. He wanted a single life annuity

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