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Buying a Pension Annuity

Warning: It is very important to achieve the best solution for you as buying a pension annuity is a one-off decision. Once an Annuity is selected you cannot change your mind later and move your funds elsewhere so making the right choice is vital.

Pension Annuities Direct

Shopping Around

You are entitled to shop the “open market” yet only 44% of people take this option.

There is a significant difference between the income you can receive from the various pension providers , which may not be made obvious to you. We have the knowledge and experience to shop the market for you to obtain the best option.

Pension Annuities Direct

When buying an Annuity don’t forget

  • Annuity quotes are only valid for a short period of time, this will be displayed on your quote but it can be little as 10 days to receive your funds.
  • Annuity rates change frequently and the rates can go up or down. Your quote is fixed only until the expiry date and your rate could change from the time you start to the time you complete.
  • Many pension funds are invested in the stock market and therefore the value of your fund could rise or fall between your valuation and the funds being transferred to your annuity provider. Any changes in fund value will affect your final annuity provided.
  • Once your annuity is set up your annuity rate is fixed and will not change in the future regardless of what happens to annuity rates.
  • Once you have made up your mind that an annuity is right for you any delay could cost you money in lost earnings that will take years to make up.
Pension Annuities Direct

What you do

Step 1 Provide us with all the information we require.

Step 2 Sit back and relax.

Step 3 Make your final choice of product and provider.

Step 4 Sit back and relax.

Step 5 Enjoy your Tax Free Lump Sum (if chosen) and your new income.

What We Do

This is the process we go through:

01. We ask detailed questions to establish your circumstances. This includes identifying whether you will qualify for an enhanced annuity and the type of annuity you require be it single or joint, escalating or level, what level of guarantees are required and payment frequencies.

02. We establish the value of your existing pension investments.

03. We examine whether a quote should be obtained from your existing provider to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by using your Open Market Option.

04. Once we have sufficient information to obtain quotations we research the market to find the best rates available.

05. We present the best quote to you.

06. When you have chosen your annuity we will complete the paperwork required to apply for your annuity.

07. We complete the open market option and lifetime allowance questionnaire as required by your pension provider.

08. We conduct the appropriate Identification Verification Procedures and Anti Money Laundering Requirements as required by statute and your pension providers.

09. We confirm the detail of your chosen annuity including commissions paid to us.

10. We handle the administration of your application and liaise with both your existing pension provider and the new annuity provider to ensure the transaction is completed smoothly.

11. We make sure that any Tax Free Cash to be taken is paid to whichever account you have nominated.

12. We check the final figures are as expected and will alert you if there is any significant difference between what was expected and what was received.

13. We ensure that all final documentation is in order and forward it to you for your records.

14.We are available throughout the whole process and after completion to answer any question that you may have.

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Case Studies

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  • Mr H earned 29% more pension income

    Mr H was 60 years old and had a pension pot of £30,000. He was a smoker and is taking medication for Cholesterol, although his readings were fine and he also suffered with vertigo. He wanted a single life annuity

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