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We are delighted to have opened our new office in Bristol

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Pension Annuities Direct Bristol

We are proud to have opened our new office in Bristol

We are delighted to now be able to provide clients with free consultations and guidance from our new Bristol Office.  We are able to invite clients into our office in the Gloucester Rd a vibrant area of Bristol.

Our office provides clients with the opportunity to discuss their pensions and we can support them in purchasing pension annuities or with pension drawdown products. We are able to provide clients from all areas of Bristol a personal service from this office.

Our address is 262 Gloucester Rd, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8PD

We look forward to seeing you.

Pension Reforms 2014/2015

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Pension Reforms 2014/2015


The new Pension Reforms provide a significant change allowing people greater flexibility and responsibility over how they take their pension. It will be available from April 2015 with some concessions available now.

In future everyone who has a non- Public Sector Pension Scheme will be able to take as much pension as they wish each year until their funds run out . In Theory they can take all the money out of their pension in one go. In reality most people with pensions will probably wish to provide for their years in retirement and this can be achieved either through annuities or drawdown products as well through Defined Benefit  Schemes if they have them. The difference is that as the rules have relaxed on both annuities and drawdown, it does offer the opportunity to generate a flexible pension income strategy.

This is good news for those who will build a pension income strategy and perhaps good news for the Chancellor for those who will take the cash all at once.     More…

Pension Income from an Annuity – to delay or not to delay? That is the question ……

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If you have a pension investment and are aged 55 or over you might be wondering if now is the right time to take income from your pension. The conventional way to earn income from a personal pension is by purchasing an annuity. You may be aware that annuity rates have been lower in the last 5 years than they have been in the past. The reason for this is because interest rates are at record low levels. More…

Want to take your pension but do not want to commit because of low annuity rates? A Fixed Term Annuity could be a viable option.

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Whilst annuity rates are slowly rising they are not as high as they were before interest rates settled at their current low level, in fact annuities are still, in relative terms, at a very low level. If you are thinking of taking your pension you will certainly want to achieve the best annuity rate after all it determines your pension income for the rest of your life. More…

Sometimes it’s good to talk face to face.

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Most large pension annuity companies operate an internet or telephone based service and we are no different in that we offer this opportunity for clients to purchase annuities in this way. However, many pension annuity companies cannot or will not offer face to face conversations. We are happy to offer this service whenever possible. More…

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