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Annuity Comparison Research to achieve the Best Annuity Quote  

Annuity quotes can vary from different providers and to achieve the best annuity quote it is important to have all the relevant information. The quotation form above seeks information to see if you qualify for an enhanced annuity based on either your health or lifestyle conditions and therefore we can obtain a better pension. Please therefore provide as much information as possible.

When we receive your annuity quote request we input all the information into our online annuity comparison calculator to see who is offering the best annuity rates.To enable us to obtain individually underwritten annuity quotes we sometimes request further information and contact the pension providers personally to discuss these annuity quotes.   

When we have finalised the online annuity comparison we may be able to further enhance the annuity rates by contacting the pension providers to see if they will increase their annuity rates and if so we can then obtain the best annuity quote available.  It is at this point that we will then provide the annuity quote for you.

As you can see from the activity above producing annuity quotes can take some time, whist the initial online annuity comparison process is reasonably quick the best annuity rates are normally available through individual underwriting and negotiation.

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    Mr T was 55 years old and had a pension pot of £200,000. He wanted a single life annuity with a guarantee on the policy but no escalation. He has some lifestyle conditions and health issues, he is a heavy

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  • Mr H earned 29% more pension income

    Mr H was 60 years old and had a pension pot of £30,000. He was a smoker and is taking medication for Cholesterol, although his readings were fine and he also suffered with vertigo. He wanted a single life annuity

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